Aranya Movie Review

Animals are have same world like human ,So Let them live like us

Aranya Movie Cast & Crew

Starring; Rana Daggubati

Director; Prabhu Solomon

Music Director; Shantanu Moitra

Cinematography; A. R. Ashok Kumar

Release Date;26 March 2021

Ratings; 3/5

అరణ్య మూవీ రివ్యూ తెలుగు


Bandev (Rana Daggubati) is lives in the forest since his childhood as he was promised by his grandfather to save elephants and forest and his grandfather donated forest land to the govt of India. 

 Kanakamedala Raja Gopalam(Anant Mahadevan), is elected as forest minister and tries to occupy forest land whereas bandev opposes the proposal of construction in the forest area.

Bandev got a stay in court against minister construction in forest zone which is a rule against for NGT.althought minister and his supporter continue work. bandev arrested while opposing the construction.

Eventually, the minister built a wall with 6okm where elephants won’t come to drink water. elephants used to come to drink water where minister now built a wall to cover the water canal.

Elephants are a trouble to get water as minister covered canal with 60km wall. Bandev fight against the wall which covered the water canal after he came out from prison.

To know the rest of the story please watch the film!

Critic Overview

Aranya Movie story reflects the Rana Daggubati and elephants’ emotions and bonding between them.

We sure to say Rana was done to justify his role in the movie. the audience can differentiate his dialogue delivery style. he was given his 100% best performance.

Let’s come to the directory Phabhu Solomon and the way took the story,

He has directed earlier the same goner that Gajaraju movie. 

He took a very small point in Aranya movie that to elephants trouble to get drinking water. but the whole team was done a great job, especially the cameraman who was done a good job to visually looks rich in every frame.

the audience expected some major issues and some characters like Naxals don’t have any leading the story, only they demonstrate the Aranya poster except Rana. 

and the whole cast and crew justify their roles to brought up Aranya movie.

అరణ్య మూవీ తెలుగు రివ్యూ