Color Photo

 Color Photo Telugu Movie reflect the pure affection and love . 

Cast & Crew

Starring; Suhas, Chandini Chowdary, Sunil, Viva Harsha, Aadarsh Balakrishna

Director; Sandeep Raj

Music Director; Kaala Bhairava

Cinematography; Shiv Shankar 

Ratings; 2.5/5

Color Photo Movie Review 2020


Jayakrishna (Suhas ) is grew up in poor family and he sells milk for survival but Deepthi Varma ( Chandini Chowdary ) grown up in well settle family and her brother Rama Raju ( Sunil ) is Inspector in Police department . Jayakrishna and Deepthi Varma both are joined same college, He fell love with Deepthi after seen her in Ammaro getup when they doing rehearsals for college cultural activities. Jayakrishna seniors trying to become college hero to blame him , seniors blame jayashakrisha as someone throw him out while Deepthi varma and her friends changing dress. Seniors beat him in the presence deepthi and whole college’s students watching. but heroin deepthi varma knows truth so since then she also like his attitude and fell love with him eventually. after few dram their love story knows her brother Rama raju ,who hate loves . from here how they fight with his brother ?, will they get marriage? To know the rest of story please watch movie.

Critic Overview ;

Appreciate Sandeep Raj for choose different Movie at his career beginning .

Color Photo Telugu Movie is beautiful telugu film, which you would witness different screenplay.

Suhas and Chandini chowdary made good performance and even Viva Harsha also done good performance , infact Harsh boost the movie with his dialogue delivery style.

Sunil, Adarsh Balakrishna and others done good job as given their role .

but here director should have exercise to create some interesting scenes , because there was space among chandini ,suhas and sunil roles and even its proven format in film that innocent couples always trouble by cruel roles like JAYAM Telugu Movie.

Heroin Chandini Chowdary is suffering with abnormal condition, director trying to show effect of love consequences ,but director fail to show how much she effect of love . because he didn’t much effect sequences scenes .

we should Cameraman and Music Director of Color Photo Movie. camera and music both are stand like heart of movie .

other characters and team were done good as we can seen it on screen .

Overly we recommended to watch Color Photo Movie .

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