Dirty Hari Review

Dirty Hari movie is not dirty but Hari dirty !

Cast & Crew

Starring; Shravan Reddy , Ruhani Sharma, Simrat Kaur

Director; M.S.Raju 

Music Director; Mark K. Robin

Cinematography; M. N. Baalreddy

         Release Date;18 December 2020

Ratings; 3.5/5

Dirty Hari telugu movie review


Hari ( Shravan Reddy ) came hyderabad for settle his life. He met Vasudha ( Ruhani Sharma), Vasudha Rich girl. Hari always try to impress her with his attitude, finally they both fall in love. Hari met  Vasudha’s brother girlfriend Jasmine ( Simrat Kaur ).

Jasmine and Vasudha’s brother, both are having in relationship, although hari try jasmine too, eventually they both maintain sexually relationship. on other side hari got married with vasudha. hari maintain sexually relationship with jasmine, finally jasmine got pregnancy. Jasmine wants get marriage with hari.

We should watch the movie to know about how hari handle life with Vasudha and Jasmine?

Critic Overview

Dirty Hari Telugu Movie is erotic thriller movie. we should appreciate M.S.Raju, as he chose very bold and different story. he wants to say every human as carry two shades. story the way director presentation good. we can see such concept in Bollywood but in Tollywood very rare, that’s we should appreciate director.

Shravan Reddy debate as Hari ,his performance and dialogue deliver good,Shravan reddy has been in the bollywood and hindi serials,but his first film in tollywood is Dirty Hari. and Ruhani sharma role little small but important role of story , she also did great job as per her role and Simrat Kaur was did great job, infact she’s lead the story with her smart acting skills. 

Cameraman , Music director and Editor work can seen on screen .

good movies comes rarely! ,SO go and watch the movie with girlfriends not with parents . 

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