Guvva Gorinka

Guvva Gorinka movie contained two hearts of pure love story.

Cast & Crew

Starring; Satyadev Kancharana
Priyaa Lal

Producers;B. Jeevan Reddy
Kosanam Damu Reddy

Director; Mohan Bammidi

Music Director; Bobbili Suresh

Cinematography; Mailesan Rangaswamy

Ratings; 2.5/5



Sadanand ( Satyadev Kancharana ) has pursuing Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering, and his aim to be invent without sound vehicle. Sirisha ( Priyaa Lal ) aim to become mastering in Music. Sadanand and Sirisha both have quite difference aims. Sandanand hates sounds and doesn’t allow sound as he always keep maintain silence but Sirisha loves music and  always keep practice with guitar. Eventually they fell into love! 

We should watch the movie to know how they fell into love even they have quite opposite aims.

Critic View

Guvva Gorinka movie looks fresh love story but they failed  to catch audience pulse. Director create interesting point that satyadev and Priyaa Lal have both different aims that’s one is hates sound and he wants be invent soundless vehicles and Priyaa Lal love music. this is good interesting point but undoubtedly can say directory failed to make it interesting screen play. 

and director create another couple who they already living relationship, he wants illustrate between pure love. but that too failed to took senseless examples and made drama.

Hero and Heroin both are living same apartment and same floor but they didn’t seen each other except sharing views and thoughts on life which leads them fell into love. there were many exists movies which use same formula. 

Hero Satya has given best performance and Heroin Priyaa Lal as well. Priyadarshini and Rahul Ramakrishna, both are justify the their roles. But comedy scenes not well pipe up in screen play, comedy scenes looks like separate episodes.

We should Appreciate Music director Suresh Bobbili for his outstanding Music and background music.

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