Johaar Movie Review

Released ; 14 August 2020 on Aha telugu web series

Director ; Teja Marni

Cast & Crew ; Shubhaleka Sudhakar, Eswari Rao, Chaitanya Krishna, Esther Anil


Critic Rating

Story line ; Johaar movie tells about five different stories and their problems . eventually how Chief Minister cause for their loss of life. 

Johaar Telugu Movie Trailer

Johaar Story 

Chief Minister plan to build his father statue after death of his father but budget not sufficient for that then C.M plan to reduce social welfare schemes.The freedom fighter who runs the children orphan, he tries for sanction of new building but govt couldn’t sanction building due to lack of budget, the widow who lost her husband through water pollute .now her child also suffering with same health problem. The athlete she is doing sarkas for survival but her dreams wants to be participate in olympic. The college girl who run away with her loved one  from her home as her mother force her to start prostitute work. 

that was the whole story ! 

How Chief Minister causes for their problems and their loss of life’s ?

watch the movie to know rest of tory .

Johaar telugu movie review 2020

Critic Review on Johaar Movie 

firstly I should appreciate director Teja marni as he chose different story and even which very close to public reality life and their problems. all actors and actress done great performance. but Director should have workout on Subhaleka Sudhakar and Eshwari rao tragedy. rest of all done great job. Main lead character chief minister so there lot of chances to do tragedy to make audience attention but director has failed in that way.

Public Talks  recommend to watch movie 


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