Naandhi Movie Review

Naandhi ; Can escape 100 Culprits from crime but one innocent never punishment by Law.

 Color Photo Telugu Movie reflect the pure affection and love . 

Naandhi Cast & Crew

Starring; Allari Naresh, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

Director; Vijay Kanakamedala

Music Director; Sricharan Pakala

Cinematography; Sid 

Release Date; 19 February 2021

Ratings; 3.5/5

Naandhi Movie Review

Naandhi Story

Surya Prakash(Allari Naresh) and his family(father & mother) living a normal life. Surya Prakash’s father and mother dream come true as his son got the job in a software company. they’re leading a happy life. as days go by, Surya Prakash fell in love with heroin and soon they will plan for marriage but unfortunately Surya Prakash being arrested for accusing of murder Lawyer Vasantha Rao (CVL Narasimha Rao). 

Surya Prakash strongly condemned that he didn’t do any murder but C.I Kishore (Harish Uthaman) deliberately doing impede without any primary evidence.

eventually, he went to prison as an undertrial, the days and years are passing but there no primary evidence to prove him that he did the murder. after 5 years of undertrial he got bailed by Lawyer Aadhya(Varalaxmi Sarathkumar).

Surya Prakash lodged a complaint under IPC 211 which denotes common man rights for complaint against injustice.

will Surya Prakash get justice? who is Aadhya? why Aadhya help Surya Prakash throughout till getting justice? why CI Kishore intentionally force him to accept murder even they both don’t have any contacts and revenge before? why the Home minister take this case so personally?

To know the above questions should watch the movie!

Critic Overview

Definitely Naandhi can stand good family throughout 2021. audience can got excite to seen allari naresh as different shade instead his earlier movies.

Allari Naresh done great job to chose very different story and given outstanding performance.

Varalakshmi sarthkumar also done good job and in fact she lead story after her entry.

Vijay kanakamedala was touched different topic that “IPC 211 Section”. Nowadays across the country lot of people were in jailed by undertrial. IPC 211 may be weapon them whoever suffering with undertrial.

But Director should have focus on screen play as first of was little slow until varalaxmi sarthkumar entered. 

director and story writer took good points but little bit focus needed to solve the issue with good tragedy.

other actors done good job as per their roles of movie.

music director and cameraman done great job to took Naandhi Movie next level.

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