Sulthan Review

Sulthan Movie Review; How the 100 goons are turn good people 

Sulthan Movie Cast & Crew

Starring; Karthik, Rashmika Mandanna, Yogibabu,Lal

Director; Bakkiyaraj Kannan

Music Director; Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography; Sathyan Sooryan

Release Date; 02 April 2021

Ratings; 3/5

sulthan movie review


Sulthan(Karthik) working as a robotic engineer in Bombay, suddenly he came to his hometown where his father, Sethupath lead the city like a gangster with his henchman, but sultan didn’t support his father for doing such things as murder and kidnaps since his childhood.

One day stranger attack on his father and troop, fortunately, everyone safe from the attack, Karthik has argued with his father sethupathi to leave the rowdy profession, then sethupathi try to convey sulthan over the situation but sulthan didn’t agree and ready to leave home forever. sethupathi has died when he asleep.

later on, he knew that the police commission is planning to encounter for encounter 100 rowdiews, who are working under Sethupathi, suthan immediately rushed to the police commissionar and request the commissioner to give chance them to turn everyone good people. Somehow commissioner agreed to give chance for 6 months to turn the good people if they won’t change even then-commissioner will kill the 100 rowdies.

sulthan is doing everything these as his father said him to stand for 100 rowdies. other said Mansoor is planning to kill Jayendra(KGF RAM) as his boss sethupathi promised when villagers asking support to save their life from jayendra. Mansoor was a lieutenant in sethupathi’s henchman group.

Sulthan and his 100 man gangs went to the village to escape an encounter from the police commissioner. sultan fall in love with Rukumni(Rashmika Mandanna).

A few days later, he notices that villagers being in trouble by jayendra and even that his father has made promised with villagers to save lives from Jayendra.

How Sulthan will save villagers from jayendra and his 100 members troop from encounter as well. 

what actually the villagers’ facing problems is? and why jayendra preventing villagers from forming? how 100 rowdies become good people?

To know the above question please watch the movie!!

Critic Overview

Karthik has given extraordinary performance as Sulthan. Even the audience no no doubt at all.

Rashmika Mandana well apt like village girls, and Karthik and rashmika chemistry work out on screen.

Yogi babu comedy highlight of Sulthan movie and other actor has given a good performance. 

Director Bakkiyaraj Kannan took a lot of time as he said in an interview, it took around 3 years to hit the theatres.

But need yet little more exercise on the script like Kaaki & Khaidh.

missed some logics that what if 100 rowdies going to kills jayendra and his henchman then how they escape from encounter which earlier warns by the police commissioner.

The cameraman and other crew efforts can see on every frame of sulthan movie. 

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