V Movie Review : Nani and Sudheer babu done great job

V Movie was released on Amazon Prime Video with lot of expectation in audience but seems not grab the audience expectation.Let’s see story of  V Movie and V Movie Review.

V Movie Story Outline 

Vishnu ( Nani ) is killing the people who involved her wife murder and  leave letter with name of  V.He made challenge to Aditya,DCP ( Sudheer Babu) to catch him.Sudheer Babu is admired by Department with gallantry award for his dedicated and sincerity towards department , he got fame across the city. suddenly, he face  the challenge with killer to start killing Inspector. why Nani killing the those people ?Sudheer Babu will catch up him or not ?

Now the story turn the interesting with question and audience gets curiosity to know story behind killing those people .

Let’s deep dive into V telugu movie review

V Movie Review

Nani as Vishnu, He start kills the people who behind reason for his wife Sayaba (Aditi Rao Hydari ) murder . the film start with Moharam Mess up incident and Sudheer babu as Aditya ,DCP cop control the incident but unfortunately some hidden agenda under the moharam mess incident , but these all don’t to Aditya. he starts investigation since police official murdered , the killer ( Nani ) leave letter with V and made challenge to Aditya to catch him if really super cop . Sudheer babu start enquiry about police inspector relatives and friends , he got clue that he has close contacts with real estate Mallikarjun and then aditya tries to enquiry him that relationship between them meanwhile he also killed by Vishnu .  Aditya got another letter with

పక్షి కానీ పక్షి తోక కట్ చెయ్

చీకట్లో సురుని పట్టుకో

రాజు గారి గుర్రం రమ్మంటుంది

he starts analysis with Apoorva ( Nivetha Thomas ) about letter  but couldn’t decode quotation,however finally he got decode message and went to mumbai to catch killer.Vishnu already there killed the K.K, the mumbai rowdy,vishnu escaped from Aditya while chasing. this time he gave big clue to aditya.the killer vishnu sent photos of their school’s from there he went of  to school and met Nani’s army batchmate, got to know the actually story behind murder.aditya start showing sympathy and convey him to surrender but he’s not willing to surrender, then both again starts their way.Vishnu kills the home minister son and jewellery shops owner with little tragedy. even last murder aditya couldn’t catch him, so aditya resigned as he promised earlier with vishnu,eventually they met and vishnu reveal video which have whole evidence  the behind all murders.

v telugu movie review  

Critic’s Overview

We should appreciate Nani for took part negative role in movie,he always prove himself to choose different stories since he start career in tollywood , now again same it happen in V film. Nani’s fans has  different age groups, mostly family audience watch his films.but seems he never mind about regular movie formula. Nani and Sudheer Babu has done great job in film as based on their characters,Nivetha thomas has not share any important role just being sudheer babu girl friend.aditi rao also same to nani but she is lead role to the whole story.

we should  appreciate music and cinematography to done their job at extremely level .

coming to the captain of the V Movie that Indraganti  Mohana krishna , he tried different but screen play not hook up right format.lot of hype got when release trailer but audience got disappointed while watching movie .the story very routine format .

however the director and whole team should wish them for their efforts towards entertain audience .

V Movie Released on september -05-2020 on Amazon Prime Video

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V Movie Behind Stars 

Cast & Crew ;

Nani , Sudheer babu , Nivetha Thomas , Aditi Rao Hydari

Director : Indraganti Mohana Krishna 

Music Director : Amit Trivedi 

Cinematography : P.G.Vinod 

Producer : Dil Raju 

Critic’s rating :2.5


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