Mirzapur Season 2

After released Mirzapur season 1 lot of expectation were hooked around Mirzapur season 2.

Caste & Crew

Ali fazal , Pankaj Tripathi , Divyendu Sharma, Rasika Dugal and for more Mirzapure Season 2 cast.

Directors ; Gurmeeth Singh, Karan Anshuman.

Producers ; Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar,Bhaumik Gondaliya.

No of Episodes ; 10

Critic Rating ; 3.5



Mirzapur Season 2 trailer

Mirzapur Season 2 Completely roaming between Govind Pandit also called “Guddu” pandit and “Munna Bhaiya” and their revenge.

Mirzapur season 1 end with Munnya Bhaiya kills the Bublu and Sweety ,wife of Guddu’s when they are in friend Marriage celebration .

from then Mirzapur season 2 start with Guddu’s Revenge on Munna Bhaiya.

So, how will Guddu take revenge on Munna Bhiaya and who will become the King Of Mirzapur. 

let’s Dive into Review ;

Guddu and Golu planning for kill the Munna bhaiya , but their strength not enough for the execute planning . so they seeking help from Lala ,he lost his son in law while munna bhaiya attack on marriage ceremony .

Lala accept for business not to take revenge on munna bhaiya ,Guddu agree for business apart from he tries to know munna bhaiya moments .

Kaleen bhaiya got knows that Guddu alive , meanwhile Chief Minister sent order to clean up goons in mirzapur, after some tragedy Munna bhaiya and C.M daughter’s Madhuri Yadav got marriage. J.P Yadav brother of C.M. J.P. killed his brother and trying to claim C.M.chair but C.M daughter Madhuri yadav occupied chair .kaleen bhaiya has not agree for this as he expect C.M chair .meantime Guddu and Golu doing drugs business for arranging money to kill the munna bhaiya . Beena Tripathi wife of Kaleen bhaiya . She has been helping to Guddu to kill the munna bhaiya. 

Rati Shankar Shukla son Sharad Shukla also trying kill Kaleen bhaiya and Munna Bhaiya as this reason to killed his father.he also wants to become Mirzapur king as his father wish .

with lot of drama Eventually Guddu killed Munna bhaiya but kaleen bhaiya. Season 2 end with Kaleen bhaiya escaped with help of Sharad shukla while Guddu and Golu shoots on them .

Critic OverView ;

Mirzapur season 2 review 2020

Mirzapur season 1 got lot of hype on Season 2 . but season 2 seems some character create for unnecessarily .

like Dadda Tyagi and his both sons . there are not importance of this two characters . but director force their characters by sharad shukla’s friend . 

Dadda’s one of them son, Shatrughan Tyagi loves Golu but Golu pure use the relationship for business. 

 Lala and  Maqbool Khan were scope to create more drama as their role in season 2 but director didn’t use them . 

and even munna bhaiya has key role whole story and his attitude was complete different among the characters of Mirzapur , we should appreciate directors for design such amazing character .

Kaleen bhaiya performance was amazing . he’s dialogue deliver style simple superb .

Beena also play important role and her performance was amazing . 

we should appreciate camera man and Music director for creating such wonderful things around movie .

Overall Recommended to watch the Mirzapur Season 2  

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